Choose Flexibility and Savings

Choose Flexibility and Savings

Hire a Part-Time Recruiter on Your Terms

Our part-time recruiting subscription service offers on-demand access to a skilled recruiter, providing a cost-effective and flexible solution for your business. 

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Looking to optimize your hiring process and access top talent, without breaking the bank?

Our part-time recruitment model is the perfect solution for small, medium, and scalable companies alike! With our flexible subscription service, you can engage a skilled recruiter on an as-needed basis, without committing to full-time employment or costly agency fees.

Cost effective

Say goodbye to expensive agency fees and take control of your hiring process.

Cancel anytime.

You do not recruit, you do not pay for the recruiter, it’s simple, you can cancel our service like Netflix.

Candidate database

I have access to a large database of candidates with clearly defined preferences.

Part-time outsourcing

Access the expertise of a skilled recruiter on your own terms, without committing to full-time employment.

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Kinga Michalak | Senior IT Recruiter

I specialize in the areas of sales, product/service development, recruitment strategies and Employer Branding. I have been building IT teams for seven years. The last years I have devoted to the development of intenet applications and recruitment agency, trying to refresh the Human Resources area of Polish and foreign organizations with innovative solutions. Project Manager, Sales Specialist, HR professional, Trainer with almost 10 years of experience working with clients from Poland, DACH, Scandinavia, UK and USA. Areas of expertise: management, sales, IT, HR, training, psychology. Completed projects for clients in segments such as AI, Machine Learning, Big data, Cyber security, Gaming, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Mobile Apps, Software Houses, Fintech, Medtech, HR.

Paulina Kacprzak | Senior IT Recruiter

I have been involved in the IT industry since 2016. I was involved in creating recruitment strategy, searching for candidates myself, interviewing and negotiating terms between client and candidate. To stay abreast of the technology world and to understand my potential candidates, I browse programming forums such as 4programmers,Passion for IT, Slack and Discord for Developers – then ask questions, enter discussions, establish relationships and source candidates. I also use basic candidate search tools such as LinkedIn. I have worked with companies such as: Dietlabs, Fitatu, 7N, Guestline, Withsecure, 10 clauds, Mybenefit, H2H, Intive, GFT, Espeo, Elephate, Nomtek, Picodi, Neducatio, Gamesture, King, Grey Wizard, Localmedia.

Patrycja Cieciel | Regular IT Recruiter

Over 7 years of professional working experience as a Recruiter. In 2017 began my adventure strictly with IT recruitment at G-force, where I recruited for major international companies (Samsung, Canon, Pepco, Nordea, Accenture, etc.). Then I had the opportunity to work with Reminiz where I was involved in recruiting for projects related to Artificial Intelligence. Recently, I worked as an in-house recruiter for recruiting for a whole range of IT positions (DevOps Engineer, Project Manager, Android, iOS, PHP Developers, QA Tester, Head of Business Intelligence and Data Science, etc.).

Maksymilian Fagasinski | Junior IT Recruiter

I am a curious person who enjoys challenges and developing my competences on a professional basis. In 2017-2020 I was privately involved in trading on the cryptocurrency market. I played short and long term which allowed me to familiarise myself and gain experience with the blockchain/crypto market as well, making me interested in IT. My doggedness led me to change career direction from a 3.5-year job in the position of managing a sales team to something that attracted me, which is IT recruitment. In 2022 I picked up the gloves and tested my strengths at Workeo, where I was thrown in at the deep end pretty quickly. I constantly browse forums such as 4programmers, Discord and Linkedin, where I try to expand my knowledge of the IT industry all the time. My daily work includes creating recruitment strategies, searching for candidates myself, interviewing and negotiating terms between client and candidate. I have worked with companies such as: H2H.Tech, Spinbits, 7N, With-Secure, Subme.

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549 EUR/month


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1299 EUR/month


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1999 EUR/month

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2999 EUR/month


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What our customers are saying

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As a startup, we needed a cost-effective solution to our hiring needs, and the part-time recruitment service was the perfect fit. With their help, we were able to access skilled recruiters and streamline our hiring process, allowing us to focus on growing our business.

Adam Larsson

Adam Larsson

CEO at Subme

We were struggling to find the right candidates for our business until we tried the part-time recruitment service. With their help, we were able to access top talent and find the perfect fit for our team.

Mateusz Styburski

Mateusz Styburski

CEO at G-Group

As the CEO of our IT company, I highly recommend the part-time recruitment service. It’s a cost-effective and flexible solution that has helped us access top talent and streamline our hiring process.

Eryk Gaszczyk

Eryk Gaszczyk

CEO at Spinbits

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