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Our esteemed consulting team consists of a select group of highly skilled professionals and experienced C-level executives. With expertise spanning various domains, including business analysis, finance, technology, marketing, loyalty, and web3, we are committed to assisting you in achieving your objectives. We take pride in our unwavering dedication to ensuring the flawless execution of your subscription strategy.

The Team

Adam Larsson
Adam Larsson CEO & Co-Founder
Adam has been actively involved in the IT industry since 2014. Even back then, while recruiting specialists for top technology companies, he closely observed the SaaS revolution in the technology industry. His passion for subscription models led him to conceptualize and establish Subme. Being an avid enthusiast of the subscription model, he has dedicated his career to helping companies achieve stable revenue streams. Adam has assisted numerous companies in creating innovative and customized subscription services tailored to their unique needs. As the CEO of Subme, he leverages his extensive experience and knowledge to create effective and groundbreaking subscription solutions for businesses across various industries.
Bob Konczak
Bob Konczak Founder, Web3 Expert
Bob is a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He serves as an Expert in Cryptocurrencies and NFTs at Subme, where he advises on utilizing cryptocurrencies and NFTs to enhance customer loyalty and engagement. Bob has a documented track record of leading high-performing teams for institutional clients, such as Nationale Nederlanden. His passion for the rapidly evolving world of Web3 led him to become an Angel Investor. Active in the cryptocurrency industry since 2016, Bob has delved deep into the intricacies of blockchain technology, accumulating valuable knowledge that has become an essential asset for Subme and its clients.
Kamil Bednarek
Kamil Bednarek Chief Technology Officer
Kamil is responsible for technology at Subme, overseeing the design and implementation of Subme's technology and creating customized solutions for clients. As a certified architect in both AWS and Google Cloud Platform, he brings unparalleled expertise in infrastructure scalability to Subme. Prior to joining Subme, Kamil served as an Interim CTO at Airbus, honing his skills in managing large-scale IT projects. Throughout his career, he has played a significant role in building IT teams for large organizations in the E-commerce, Medtech, Security, and Digital Identity sectors. With his extensive experience and commitment to technological excellence, Kamil leads Subme's innovative IT solutions, ensuring seamless performance and growth for the company and its clients.
Magdalena Wczesna
Magdalena Wczesna Head of BD
Magda is responsible for managing the company's partner network and ensuring exceptional customer service at Subme. As an expert in sales strategy and market expansion planning, she leverages her extensive experience in marketing and sales to deliver top-quality services to Subme's clients. Her ability to establish strategic partnerships has played a key role in the growth and success of Subme. With passion, she assists clients in navigating the dynamic world of subscription services and unlocking their business potential.
Przemysław Fabiś
Przemysław Fabiś Finance Advisor
The CEO and CFO have nearly 20 years of experience in business, including the new technology sector. They are a Polish certified auditor with ACCA qualifications. They possess extensive expertise in operations and finance, including efficiency improvement, organizational changes, restructuring processes, and business development initiatives. They have been actively involved in startup projects both in Poland and abroad.
Marcin Kozubski
Marcin Kozubski Marketing Advisor
Marcin is a specialist and expert in brand development and growth strategy. He has collaborated with market leaders and top brands, including Kompania Piwowarska, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Payback, Unilever, Grupa, and Żabka Polska. He is a co-founder of the manufacturing startup Bio Poland, which successfully acquired active clients across three continents. He is also the CEO of the marketing agency XMLP. Additionally, he specializes in creating go-to-market strategies, helping companies effectively launch their products or services in the market. His experience and skills enable him to tailor strategies that translate into tangible growth and success for our clients.

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